MINUETO is a brand born after the search for individuality and the passion for everything that makes this world beautiful and unique.
Minueto is color, music, originality and passion for unique prints. This Spanish Brand proposes an alternative to feminine fashion.
Our collections offer the possibility to differentiate, offering pieces that fit the lifestyle of each person in a simple and spontaneous way.
Exceptional collections for the day to day or for special occasions designed to surprise.
This project became reality in 2011. Ever since, the company has been growing thanks to the success of the brand and the good relationship with our customers.
The Design department of MINUETO is formed by a team with extensive experience in the sector that aims to surprise in each collection without losing the original essence of the firm.
We produce in a global way, but always making sure that our suppliers have regulated working conditions and respect the environment, since it is extremely important for us.
We are always looking for opportunities to expand MINUETO to the world, here are several ways to contact us:
If you have a multi-brand store and want to distribute Minueto, fill out our form for professionals by clicking here.
If you want to know our closest point of sale, get in touch with us by clicking here.